Where to sell beats online in 2017? Pt.1 Airbit (formerly known as Myflashstore)

Posted by Jay Stacks | March 13, 2016 | Music Production, Producer Knowledge

Beats and instrumentals? There is no right or wrong place to sell beats or instrumentals, well there is but I’m not going to go into the negatives, my job is to assist you onto the right tracks and help to make money selling your beats and instrumentals online.

Before I start let me take you on a beat selling journey, I started making beats in 2008 (under the name of King Starz which later changed to Jay Stacks) and started selling beats in 2010 and believe you me I joined up with almost all the the beat selling site there was; soundclick.com, rocbattle.com, beats1.com, musiccentro.com, etc. You get the drift, all these beat sites have their good points and bad points. However there are loads of articles over the net going in depth of the pros and cons of each beat selling site. I only gonna go over the sites that have worked for me and made me money. But before I go into depth I would like to say that just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you. Why? 1. I make different beats to you. 2. You might not have the resources to promote and market yourself. and 3. You might just be lazy. Lol at the last point I didn’t really mean that I just couldn’t think of a valid point for number 3 lol. Okay enough of this nonsense lets get straight to business and see where I like to sell my beats or places that have helped me fatten up my pockets.

  1. Myflashstore.net

Myflashstore.net is probably the best place to sell beats especially if you starting out has a beginner. Reason why I say this is due to that fact that they are always looking for better features to add to their site in order to help promote the producing community. Their site has tons of features such as: Flash/Html5 players, now you’re probably think why is that a good thing? Thats why I’m here to to explain to you. Nowadays everyone is on their phone or tablets right? Imagine you’re about to sell a beat and the customer is goes to you don’t worry i’ll purchase the beat when I get to a pc. You and I both know that we will not be happy about that because there is a high chance that they will probably never purchase the beat. However myflashstore.net came out with HTML5 players meaning that you could embedd players on websites that will work fine on andriods and iphones. So what does that mean? customers can now purchase your beats & instrumentals through there phone and tablets and the best part is after the purchase has been completed the download links and sent you the buyers email. Now if that isn’t a big game changer in the beat selling industry I don’t know what is.

That is just one of the amazing features the site provides for producers. There’s tons more for example you have; automated orders, social integration, you can give you coupons and discount codes, you can track your sales, 0% commission is taken from you on each sale (only for paying members). I could go all day on the reason why you should sell beats on myflashstore.net but I’ll let you have a look at the site here and you can make your own desicion. P.S Myflashstore.net helped me make over $20k in 2015 due to there simplitcity and great features.

How To Sell Beats Online 2017: The Millionaire Guide

Listen to what Superstar O had to say:

SuperStarO myFlashStore Review 2015

Updated 5/9/2017

On the 18th of April myflashstore became Airbit and they jam packed it with some crazy new features…

The greatest modification that they have actually made is they re-imagined the beat selling Marketplace. They re-thought and revamped every element, making certain purchasers will have the best experience possible. Definitely absolutely nothing has actually been left unblemished!

The brand-new marketplace is the initial step in there brand-new long term technique to draw in more consumers and increase sales, and for that reason bringing more money into your pockets!

airbit marketplace sell beats online-1024x755

Airbit Ad

Sound Kits

You can now sell your sound kits, drum kits and midi kits right from your store I mean selling beats to artists and kits to producers all from one place. That’s literally the best of both worlds.


You now have the capability accept offers on your beats. If a client has a minimal funds, they can send you a deal and you can work out from there. This is an excellent method to engage clients that might have otherwise left your shop.

This can be made it possible for on all licenses, and will work whether you set a base rate or not.

sell beats online best-offers


You can now use free downloads in exchange for social networks follows and subscriptions. This is a terrific method to enhance your fans on Twitter or subscriptions to your YouTube channel.

For those of you who stay with email lists, don’t worry, we still offer you the choice to exchange their name and e-mail for your free beat. If you’re feeling additional generous you can even distribute a free beat in return for nothing– the option is yours!

sell beats online 2017 social-free-download-1


They always enabled the sale of trackouts, but now you can upload them directly to Airbit! You no longer need to pay for a third party service like Dropbox or Google Drive to host your trackouts. Now this is something that is very important because like me I’ve lost some serious work in the past so I find this a very big help.

sell beats online 2017 hosted-trackouts

Now with these new features you can see why I sell my beats on Airbit. Are you ready to make $$$$ from your beats and kits?

P.S: Airbit has the fastest loading player on the market which helps increase conversion rate. Basically a faster loading player means less waiting around and more sales.

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