Top 7 Condenser Microphones For Rap

Posted by Jay Stacks | September 30, 2016 | Blog

Top 7 Microphones To Record Your Raps

Microphones are inconceivably imperative with regards to building a studio. They are the centrepiece of all rigging setups. In case you’re hoping to purchase a microphone particularly to record, we prescribe running with a condenser microphone. As we would like to think, it might appear as though there are a ton of condenser mics out there to browse, however in the event that you limit it down through exploration regarding the general audits, expense to-quality and individual use we’ve encountered, finding the main 10 wasn’t as troublesome as we thought it would be. To pick your mic, it relies on upon a couple variables: your financial plan, how huge of a stomach you need and the lion’s share of what you’ll be utilizing it for. Lets survey the main 7 best condenser microphones in the business sector.

What is a condenser microphone?

A condenser microphone is a particular kind of recording gadget that is about devotion. They are to a great degree responsive and clear in the matter of what is before them, whether it is vocals, strings, metal, drums and the sky is the limit from there. They come in many diverse shapes and sizes as you will see, however the majority of them have substantial stomachs to get what you’re tossing at it while disengaging the sounds from it’s surroundings — impeccable to understand that unmistakable recording you require. In fact talking, the condenser stomach vibrates in connection to the sound weight that is given.

A typical daily inquiry we hear is: what is the contrast between a dynamic and condenser microphone? Essentially, dynamic microphones are best utilized for live exhibitions while condenser mics are suggested for recording.

Likewise keep take note of that these things are amazingly intense. So capable that the speakers worked into them are insufficient to most ideally record with them. With that being the situation, you’ll require some ghost control: an outside gadget to power that infant up. The most widely recognized type of ghost force arrives in a sound interface — a little box that connects to your PC or blender to open up the microphone while giving you a few alternatives for control of addition, FX, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Albeit, some condenser mics accompany a force supply that does only that. You can likewise search for condenser mics that module straight to your PC.

M-Audio Nova

m-audio novaThis commences our rundown with a reasonable condenser mic by one of our most loved brands, M-Audio. Despite the fact that they’re not very notable for microphones, the Nova is exceptionally commended because of it’s low sticker price, amazing cardioid pickup design (1.1″ distance across — entirely enormous) and general tough metal body. The construct is the thing that truly gives it positive audits. Another colossal in addition to is the bundle accompanies the essential adornments: mount, delicate case and a XLR link (you’ll simply need to purchase a stand on the off chance that you don’t have one as of now). Get the M-Audio Nova on the off chance that you need a condenser mic that is around the $100 value point can in any case give you fantastic quality and an enduring form.


audio_technica_at2035Audio Technica is one amongst the most loved brands and once it includes mics they’re not very surprising. They’re some of the time prized for their USB AT2020 mic. This particular model is a standout amongst the most surely understood yet it contains an epicycloid gigantic stomach condenser mic with a decent constrain per unit range level (SPL) for ejection all things considered staying clear and fresh.

It’s the choice for a financial plan well disposed mic for recording vocals. It additionally contains a high pass channel that you can change. You’re acquiring a charming level reaction with genuine sound — no washy impacts or sensationalized frequencies. you’ll have the capacity to conjointly utilize this for acoustic guitars or string instruments in the event that you have them on standby for your tunes.

Blue Spark

blue-spark-micIt was difficult to settle on which Blue microphone to pick for this article, yet we ran with this one because of it’s general quality and fame. I as a matter of first importance truly cherish the look of this thing — it has a vintage old fashioned vibe to it. The condenser container is high caliber and the inherent hardware gives superb profundity in the track recordings. One of the better condenser mics out there for around the $200 value range. There’s an inherent ‘Center Control switch’, which permits you to build the low-recurrence affectability on the off chance that you suppose have some individual with a more profound voice or an instrument that is lower in the range. What’s additionally awesome is it accompanies a pleasant, wooden box to store it in. You then get a stun mount and pop channel, so the bundle is a tremendous in addition to in the event that you don’t have those yet. Look at the Blue Spark for a strong decision in the event that it fits your financial plan.

Rode NT1-A

rode-nt1-a-studio-condenser-microphoneHere’s one of our top picks (I currently use this mic). It’s a bit up there as far as cost when contrasting with the others in our rundown however it’s legitimised with the quality it gives. It was a piece of our best mic for rap vocals for a reason, offering a wide dynamic scope of frequencies when recording. Only a 1″ case stomach yet the glow Rode mics furnishes with their apparatus, and most particularly this one is basic. In case you’re purchasing this you’re getting a portion of the best sounding recordings we can listen (other than a portion of the Neumanns). What’s likewise extraordinary is it accompanies a group of extras: stun mount, screen, sack and links. We cherish the Rode NT1-An on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it, you won’t be baffled. On the off chance that you do have a couple of more bucks, look at their NTK as it’s somewhat better quality on the off chance that it’s in your financial plan.


This is an exceptionally mainstream condenser mic in light of the fact that it’s reasonable additionally I mean, it’s gold-plated, so it looks smooth and critical also. The condenser case is 32mm so it has a major pickup example to snatch the majority of the frequencies accurately and the implicit preamp is strong, in spite of the fact that a sound interface is still expected to utilize it successfully. It’s for the most part intended for vocals and in the event that you do utilize it for that the sound quality has a smooth tone. I’ve known about even some expert specialists utilizing this because of the freshness of the quality — it’s to a great degree shabby, as well. Get the MXL V67Gmxl-v67g for a decent gold-plated and strong condenser mic.

Neumann TLM 102neumann_tlm_102

Here’s one amongst the costlier microphones for recording vocals. While it is costly the John von Neumann is justified regardless of the thought. This issue is extraordinary as it identifies with sound quality, you can’t deny the sound it gives. In the event that you’ll have the capacity to move beyond the sticker price you’ll feel secure that you’re acquiring one amongst the best speculations out there.

It will control the vocals a little sum with a little nearness support higher than 6 kHz be that as it may, as we would like to think it doesn’t completely change the sound it just appears to clean it. That is to say, once it comes down to it, the sticker price on the Neumann is significantly more costly than the main microphone we recorded, yet as clarified prior, it is justified regardless of the thought as it is the standard in the music business.

Rode NTK

rode-ntkHere’s one of the most delightful Rode mics, or condenser microphones as a rule so far as that is concerned. It’s one of the biggest principles regarding microphones inside the music business. A to a great degree warm, obvious sound, the ultra low clamour records what’s entirely before it and that’s it. The stomach is gold plated so it’s higher quality than most and the reach is ideal for a variety of utilisation, despite the fact that this is spread with vocals. Accompanies a committed force supply so you can skip out on purchasing a sound interface in the event that all you need is ghost power. It’s twofold the cost of the NT1-A yet three times as great. You’ll have to purchase a stun mount and different extras for it, however in the event that you purchase a Rode NTK, you’re getting one of the best condenser mics on Earth, period.

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