Do You Sell Music On iTunes? Then Read This

Do You Sell Music On iTunes? Then Read This

Posted by Jay Stacks | November 16, 2016 | Blog

Do You Sell Music On iTunes? Then You NEED Read This

Back in the day all up and coming artists wanted to do is get their music on CDs and get them in music shops all around the country. Well … times have actually altered and while getting circulation in significant sellers is still an amazing task there are now significant digital shops such as iTunes who have actually made it simpler than ever to offer your music worldwide. BUT prior to you launch your music on iTunes and happily plaster the link all over the digital world there’s simply a couple of essential information you have to consider.

Leasing Beats With Ease

Paying To Give iTunes Your Leads?

If you’ve currently worked your ass off to grow a considerable fanbase of amazing individuals who wish to purchase your music and show you support why send them to iTunes who are going to take 30% of all your sales? On top of that if your fan isn’t really currently a client of iTunes you’re essentially paying iTunes to take all your fans info so that they can now promote your rivals music to them! You just don’t need that sort of competition especially if you’re a new artist.

New Fans

Let’s take a look at it from a various situation. Let’s state somebody simply learnt about your music for the very first time on YouTube or Soundcloud and they saw that you put a link in your description to purchase the tune off iTunes since you desire them to understand you’re “legitimate”. Now they go and purchase your tune from iTunes however think exactly what? loosing fans iTunes keeps all their details and does not share it with you! Which suggests you cannot call them thanking them for their assistance. You cannot include them to your newsletter heck you do not even understand who they are! That makes it difficult for you to develop a relationship with them unless they hunt you down. You win short-term by acquiring a sale however you lose long term by most likely losing a fan. Fans

Don’t Get It Twisted

Do not get me incorrect. I’m not stating you should not offer your music on iTunes. In reality I believe the more significant shops you have bring your music the much better. I believe iTunes is really easy to use other than for you needing to reenter your password all the time. It’s simply not artist friendly. I’m simply stating I would not send out everybody straight to iTunes. Enable me to discuss a bit much deeper.

A Better More Profitable Method

So your job is done and you’ve utilized a digital supplier such as CD Baby or Tunecore to obtain your music on all the significant online music shops such a iTunes. TERRIFIC! However you ought to likewise think about launching your music solely to your fans initially through a platform such as Bandcamp. They just take 15% starting and if you reach $15,000 in sales it drops to 10%. Not just that however you can offer other merch on Bandcamp such as T-shirts and hats.

You can likewise set whatever cost you desire for your music as well as provide your fans the alternative to pay whatever they desire which has actually been shown to increase your sales bandcamp revenue around 40%. Which implies your fans are most likely going to offer you more than $1.29 for a single.

And the very best part is that Bandcamp offers you your clients e-mail address so you can include them to your subscriber list if they are brand-new fans! That’s how it must be! Other terrific options that resemble Bandcamp are Nimbit and Noisetrade.

However There’s A Problem!

While the technique above is an excellent technique to increasing your sales. Also growing your fan base it’s not a one size fits all. Generally due since apple users will not have the ability to download music from Bandcamp and have it sync to their iTunes without needing to do a great deal of unneeded work. And an essential to making more sales is just make your item simple to purchase for the customer. However do not stress I’ve got a service that will enable you browse through this rocky surface.

Smart URL (its actually smart)

Smart URL is precisely what it’s called. It enables you to produce a “smart” URL that will reacted particularly to the gadget the user is utilizing. This will need a little additional deal with your end to guarantee the user experience for your fans and quickly to be fans are as smooth as possible. I advise producing 2 Smart URL’s. One for your fans who are currently on your subscriber list and one for the “outsiders” who are not yet on your subscriber list. Here’s some easy details graphics to show how they both work.

manage-smarturl-itSmart URL for FANS


Given that these fans are currently on your subscriber list all you just have to do is get them to where your music is. iTunes for apple users and Bandcamp for everybody else. Once again the gorgeous consider Smart URL is you can share one link that will send out users to various locations based upon exactly what kind of gadget they’re utilizing. So in this example if the individual clicking the link is an Apple user they will be sent out straight to iTunes. If the user isn’t really an apple user they will be sent out straight to your Bandcamp shop. Pretty cool huh?



This is an example of how you might wish to structure your connect to everybody who isn’t really on your subscriber list. This is the link that you wish to publish on social networks websites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace … I’m joking about Myspace:-RRB- The just distinction in this link than the other link is that you’re getting the Apple users e-mail address by them registering to your newsletter initially and after that you share your iTunes relate to them in an automated subsequent message. If you’re not hip to exactly what autoresponders are take a look at my post on AWeber. And and a huge shout out to producer Aaron Gibbs for his feedback and suggestion of Smart URL

Take Control Its Your Music Right?

You’re an independent artist for a factor. You delight in the imaginative control of making the music you like on your on terms. You likewise have the very same flexibility in concerns to how you launch your music. Your fans should have unique treatment and you should have optimal portions on your sales. Launch your task numerous weeks early and make it special to your fans initially. Keep in mind to develop a Smart URL. Basically you’re just sending your Apple users to iTunes and the rest to Bandcamp. You can constantly develop another link particularly for offering product on bandcamp and share it with everybody also.

One you’re all set to share your music with the remainder of the world “the outsiders”. Make sure you’re utilizing the SmartURL strategy. So you do not loose any fans due to the fact that of iTunes. And make it a routine to import any brand-new e-mail addresses you’ve gathered from Bandcamp into your newsletter. This will guarantee you’re not leaving anybody out and are constructing relationships with brand-new fans!


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