Music Production

Sell Beats Online
Posted by Jay Stacks | 14 04 2016

Sell Beats Online Effectively Very few are really making a profit from licensing their instrumentals despite the fact that there are plenty of music producers attempting to sell instrumentals online....

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Piano Music Theory In A Nutshell
Posted by Jay Stacks | 16 03 2016

Music theory? I know that's a subject we all hate but honestly if you want to make better beats & instrumentals this is the article for you. Not only will...

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where to sell beats
Posted by Jay Stacks | 13 03 2016

Beats and instrumentals? There is no right or wrong place to sell beats or instrumentals, well there is but I'm not going to go into the negatives, my job is to...

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Posted by Jay Stacks | 21 10 2015

Have you ever listened to a beat and thought to yourself, I wonder what sound are those? What VST is that? Well I was randomly look for new Vst's and...

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Posted by Jay Stacks | 26 03 2015

This is a video showing you how to make melodies and chords. This can be very helpful especially when you find yourself in beat block or have simple run out...

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