Make Money Online: How I Made Over $5000 From Beats

Make Money Online: How I Made Over $5000 From Beats

Posted by Jay Stacks | September 16, 2016 | Blog

How I made over $5000 from hip hop beats without a sale.

So basically you’re here because you want to make money from your beats right? Well I’m here to show you how I’ve managed to make over $5000 from beats without actually selling a beat. Before we go into this let me give you a little in sight into my world.

Basically if you know my story you’ll know that I’ve been producing online for years and that I didn’t start of as Jay Stacks but King Starz. Don’t ask me why I changed my name I could write a book on that episode of my life. Anyways over the years the online producing community has seen a whole leap of stuff. From dope producers passing away, beats getting stolen, the massive arguments about free beats and the list goes on and on. One thing I’ve definitely noticed over the years is that the online producing game is really survival of the fittest. I’ve seen too many talented producers give up or go astray with their music, obviously everyone has their own reason to why they stopped but the popular reason is because they just weren’t making enough money.

I’m not here to save the day but I can show you how you can make some extra change. Have you ever heard of a company called Adrev ? Basically Adrev monetize unofficial YouTube videos that use your music in this case it would be your beats.  So AdRev would search for videos containing unauthorized uses of your beats or instrumentals so that our rights holders can monetize them. They instruct YouTube to place ads on these videos and send the revenue to you the original owner. Trust me I signed up and completely forgot that I signed up with them. The only reason I remembered, was due to my last payment, because Adrev pay you quarterly via Paypal. Apparently they have monetized over 30 million videos to date, and this year alone, they’ve paid out over $10 million to our rights holders!

So now you’re thinking how is this gonna help me? Before I tell you let me show you my Adrev account below;


So you’ve seen my earnings in the picture right? I know you’re tired of reading so I’m gonna do bullets points.

  • First Sign Up To Adrev Here
  • Upload ALL your ORIGINAL beats (do not upload covers or remixes I’ve had serious troubles in the past)
  • Now upload your beats everywhere
  • Let people download the Free Tagged version why? Basically the more downloads you have the more songs you’re likely to get uploaded to Youtube or Soundcloud.
  • The bigger your fanbase the more people are gonna download your beats, make songs and upload them online.
  • Adrev will constantly search online for your beats and make sure that you get paid for it.
  • Now you just sit back and wait for them quarterly Paypal checks.

Whoever said giving away free beats is a bad idea.. is missing out on a whole leap of money.

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