Free FLP | Beat Making In FL Studio 12 EP.2

Posted by Jay Stacks | June 5, 2015 | Beat Making Tutorials, FL Studio Tutorials

Beat Making Video In FL Studio 12 Ep.2 With Free FLP

Hi Guys, here is another FLP giveaway! This time it’s in the new and exciting Fl Studio 12, bare with me i’m still getting used to it but that still doesn’t stop me from making dope beats. The download link will be at the bottom of this page, I hope you make good use of the FLP and turn it into something even more creative. If that happens which I know it probably will, feel free to send me a copy or a link to where I can listen to your masterpiece. If you ever post the finished tracks or beats online please feel free to send me a link as it will make me happy to see that my flp’s and other FL Studio tutorials are being used to good use, and helping new producers or beat makers to slowly achieve their goals in music production.

Also for future reference you guys should tweet me ( @JayStacksp )  what sort of beats you want me to make, because sometimes I actually run out of ideas and need help or inspiration. But the more people tweet me what they would like to see it will be easier to cater to peoples needs and requirements. If you don’t have twitter you can contact me via my Facebook page (but make sure you like it first lol) and if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter you can ask me any beat, mixing or any general music related question via my email which is; . I look to be hearing from you guys in the near future, and hopefully we will be able to grow together and create an army of dope producers for our future fans enjoy good quality music. The download link to this FL Studio file will be below this video.

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