What Is A Beat Lease? Leasing vs Exclusive Rights For Beats in 2017

What Is A Beat Lease? Leasing vs Exclusive Rights For Beats in 2017

Posted by Jay Stacks | June 2, 2017 | Blog, Music Production, Producer Knowledge

What Is A Beat Lease? Leasing vs Exclusive Rights For Beats

This article explains what ‘leasing’ beats mean and how leasing beats work?

This choice merely implies that you do not own the track. When you pay attention to r&b beats or rap instrumentals you immediately get delighted due to the fact that you here yourself recording a hit however slow down my young Jay-z & Beyonces’.

If you are preparing to tape a demo after you pay attention to rap beats and you are not getting this demo mastered or using it for anything that significant then simply lease the beat.

Why would you wish to invest the expense for exclusives when you are going to offer this from your trunk as a mixtape or offer it away to individuals for direct exposure. You understand individuals like A&R reps. The tune you are taping is strictly for a demo, A&R, mixtape or PR stunt. You do not actually intend on investing any amount of money marketing this tune so simply lease the beat and conserve some cash in the meantime. Otherwise it’s bad trade sense and I would not do that to you.

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What Is A Beat Lease Leasing Vs Exclusive Rights To Beats

When you are leasing a rap beat or type beat there’s 2 primary choices, nevertheless in today ages some brands such as Jay Stacks use Basic Lease, Premium Leases, Track Out Leases, Unlimited Leases & Exclusive Rights. When you lease a beat aka purchase a license you’re merely paying the creator for approval to utilize the hip hop instrumental (or whatever genre the beat is) and eliminate the tag. It does not indicate that you own the hip hop beat. The creator still maintains complete ownership of the beat and can continue to lease the beat to other artists. It depends on the creator what consents he opts to provide you with the lease.

The brand might provide a number of various leasing or licensing choices depending upon exactly what you wish to finish with the beat. The more authorizations the brand provides you with a lease the more it’s going to most likely expense. Here’s exactly what you can anticipate from a Basic lease.

  • Untagged MP3 file
  • Distribute up to 2500 copies
  • One commercial use
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 0 Paid Performances
  • 0 Music Videos
  • 0 Radio & TV Plays
  • 5,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

And here is example of some more beat licenses this one is an example of a Premium Lease

  • Untagged WAV + MP3 file
  • Distribute up to 7500 copies
  • One commercial use
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 200 Paid Performances
  • 10,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • 1 Music Video
  • 0 Radio Stations
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

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As you can see that is some examples of beat licenses a lot of online music producers will option today. List most things in life the more to spend the greater the reward (not always). But most serious artists seem to invest in Track outs and Unlimited Leases because it is more than certain the quality will be better than a basic beat lease where you only get the mp3 file. With the track outs and unlimited leases the artist obtains the Wav stems with is 100x better for mixing and mastering your songs only if you want that high quality track.

Example Of Track Out Leases

  • Untagged WAV + MP3 (Stems)
  • Distribute up to 15000 copies
  • Three (3) commercial uses
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 400 Paid Performances
  • 50,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • 2 Radio Stations
  • 1 Music Video
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

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Unlimited Leases

This option has become a new option for producers who don’t want to sell exclusive rights to the rap instrumental or type beat produced by the beat maker or music producer. It has also become the new affordable way for artists to purchase beats online.

  • Untagged MP3, Wav File & Wav Stems
  • Distribute unlimited copies
  • Unlimited commercial uses
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • Unlimited Paid Performances
  • Unlimited Audio & Video Streams
  • Unlimited Radio Staions
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

What is Exclusive Rights To A Beat?

Exclusive rights are far more pricey due to the fact that the producer is offering you complete ownership of the beat. This suggests the producer needs to take the beat down from his/her website and can not lease it to anybody else “if they we’re renting the beat prior to hand”. When you have exclusive rights you can generally do whatever you desire. it’s yours! This indicates you can do larger picture things like shot and get your tune that’s utilizing the beat on the radio, included in commercials, films, computer game and so on.

This likewise suggests that the producer will supply you with the entire rap beat tracked out likewise understood as Wav Stems. This is all the private tracks to the beat. For instance the kick, snare, hi hat, strings, brass are all in different high quality WAV files so you can have a mixing engineer expertly blend your vocals with the track.

Considering that the producer made the beat they will likely consist of in the agreement that they are entitled to specific portion of royalties. Songwriting isn’t really simply composing lyrics it’s likewise producing the music and the producer is entitled to their reasonable share for their contribution to the tune. Some manufacturers will really work very first hand with the artists that buy exclusive rights from them to guarantee that the tune comes out as expert as possible. Keep in mind the producer desires the tune to be a success not just for you however likewise due to the fact that they’re entitled to their reasonable share of the royalties.

Simply a couple of more side notes. In some cases music producers or beat makers will put in their exclusive agreement that you’re unable to offer the beat to anybody else. This is clever on their part due to the fact that they have to be linked to the brand-new owner “you” of the music due to the fact that the two of you are both adding to the tune. If you we’re to offer the beat to another person things can get truly complex rather rapidly.

Likewise if you are attempting to get your music positioned someplace commercially (this is where you can now licence your tune out to others) check and see if the producer is currently signed to a publishing business. If they are it can make things truly tough when handling licensing business and they might select not to deal with you because of the issues. Likewise ensure that it’s specified in the contact that you have complete approval to licence the music with out the co-writers “manufacturers” consent. Once again this makes handling licensing business a lot easier due to the fact that they do not need to go backward and forward with anybody aside from yourself. Well that’s it, I hope you’ve learnt something new today and if you need to purchase beats online for your projects just visit the home page.

Keep making them dope tracks, however please rap or sing on tagged beats…..

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