5 Reasons Why Artists Need A Website

5 Reasons Why Artists Need A Website

Posted by Jay Stacks | September 11, 2016 | Blog

5 Reasons Why Every Single Music Producer and Artist Needs To Have A Website

1. You have to assemble an email list.

A great deal of groups don’t have a mailing list, which they should; it updates your fans as often as possible with up and coming gigs and any products you have coming out. By making a mailing list this will guarantee your fans get all the data from one source, as opposed to going to a few unique locales. You can give away a free download of a track or one of your live recordings; this will give your fans an impetus to join to your mailing list.

2. You need an online store

An online store is essential so fans can get your CD’s, publications, beats, shirts, or whatever other stock you need to offer. This likewise makes it simpler for your fans to buy your items than searching through different destinations. You can likewise experience an outsider stock or online store, yet you will in any case require a spot to install the items professionally, and your own particular site is the place that best fits.

3. Your site is your online press kit.

Having an online press kit is vital so you can tell venue hosts, supervisors or booking operators to take a gander at your profile on the site. Your press pack ought to incorporate photos by an expert picture taker, music records, a composed memoir of your band, press clippings and recordings of your band performing. Your site is the cutting edge age press pack for a craftsman.

4. You require general credibility

Having a site indicates validity and polished skill. It is essential for your fans to look at what you do on your site. Your outline and feel of your site is exceptionally customized. So whatever viewers see, is the way they will feel, and how they feel about you will figure out whether he is going to stay as a fan, or leave. That is the means by which intense picture is.

5. In the event that you anticipate getting signed to a major label, you better have a site!

When you have an appropriate site and all your substance is sorted out and clear, record labels will naturally be attracted to you. Your site isolates you from the standard no name craftsman. Record labels, magazines and top of the line world class organisations will be attracted to you. Before any huge organization chooses to work or book any artist, they will go to your site as a primary wellspring of basic leadership. Once more, this is the means by which vital it is.

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