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Types of instrumental licenses we offer at JayStacks.com

Basic Lease

Good For Artists Starting Out
$29.95/ 2500 Units
  • Untagged MP3 file
  • Distribute up to 2500 copies
  • One commercial use
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 0 Paid Performances
  • 0 Music Videos
  • 0 Radio & TV Plays
  • 5,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

Premium Lease

Good For Artists With Small Fanbase
$49.95/ 7500 Units
  • Untagged WAV + MP3 file
  • Distribute up to 7500 copies
  • One commercial use
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 200 Paid Performances
  • 10,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • 1 Music Video
  • 0 Radio Stations
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

Trackout Lease

Buy 1 Get 3 Free (Select 4 w/Same License For Discount)
$79.95/ 15,000 Units
  • Untagged WAV + MP3 (Stems)
  • Distribute up to 15000 copies
  • Three (3) commercial uses
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • 400 Paid Performances
  • 50,000 Audio & Video Streams
  • 2 Radio Stations
  • 1 Music Video
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

Unlimited Lease

Best Value For Serious Artists
$129.95/ Unlimited Units
  • Untagged MP3, Wav File & Wav Stems
  • Distribute unlimited copies
  • Unlimited commercial uses
  • Instrumental Will Still Be Sold
  • Jay Stacks Maintains Full Rights
  • Unlimited Paid Performances
  • Unlimited Audio & Video Streams
  • Unlimited Radio Staions
  • Must credit ‘Prod. By Jay Stacks’

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There’s lots of producers out there however they’re not all on the very same level. Some are making a full-time living making rap beats, some are simply beginning and others are someplace in the middle. The ones that are simply starting or are rather in the middle are most likely distributing a few of their beats free of charge. They will likely wish to keep their tag “tape-recording stating their producer name or brand name” in the beat or at the minimum they might need you to either discuss them in the tune or provide credit for producing the beat any place you publish the tune on the internet.

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